About Corporate Consulting LLC

We are committed to being a responsible business and believe that diversity is a highly important source of our company’s strength. We specialize in equity compensation solutions. As a firm, we service our Clients by leveraging the experts in the equity comp world and promise lasting and measurable results.

Quality service, expert guidance, and competitive pricing are the reasons why Corporate Consulting LLC has exceptional year over year growth and outstanding customer satisfaction.

Why choose Corporate Consulting LLC?

  • FLEXIBILITY: We handle both Form 3921, Incentive Stock Option (ISO) and/or Form 3922, Incentive Stock Option (ISO), tailoring solutions to your specific needs.
  • EXPERIENCE: Familiar with various Equity Compensation Software.
  • EXPERT GUIDANCE: The Corporate Consulting LLC team possesses deep expertise in industry guidance, providing you with the confidence to navigate complex regulations.
  • SECURITY: At Corporate Consulting LLC, we prioritize data privacy, utilizing a secure site for all employee data exchange.
  • SUBSTITUTE FORMS: Provide all applicable tax information to participants in one PDF statement, making things as clear and easy as possible for tax reporting, reducing employee confusion and mailing cost.
  • MAILING: Reliable mailing of forms reduces workload and gets forms to participants on time. Corporate Consulting LLC has found that the most commonly mailed communications are forms 3921/3922. We have a proven method for consolidating communications into One Year-End Statement and providing to impacted participants.
  • IRS FILING: Corporate Consulting LLC will handle your IRS filings in a timely manner, including drop-off of Fire file(s) and step-by-step updates throughout the process.
  • AUDITS: Our team performs multiple data audits and reviews prior to participant statement and e-file generation reducing the risk of potential IRS penalties. Errors in filing with IRS can be costly. Our process flow ensures this is reduced to bare minimum.
  • TIN MATCHING: Corporate Consulting LLC offers optional TIN Matching services to ensure accurate tax reporting.

Corporate Consulting LLC is your one-stop shop for all your equity compensation needs. Our dedication to quality, expertise, and security makes us the trusted partner for leading businesses across the globe.

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